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Not to be confused with Trophies

Battlefield: Bad Company features achievements and trophies that are obtained upon the completion of specific objectives in the singleplayer and multiplayer game modes. There are a total of 50 Xbox 360 and PC achievements and 51 for the PlayStation 3, the extra being the platinum trophy. It is the second game in the Battlefield Series to feature achievements as well as the first to feature trophies.

Image Name Criteria Achievement points Trophy type
Bct00 Battlefield: Bad Company Obtain all trophies for Battlefield: Bad Company N/A Platinum
Bca01 Always get paid in gold bars Complete Welcome to Bad Company on normal 15G Bronze
Bca02 Action, not words! Complete 'Welcome to Bad Company' on hard 25G Bronze
Bca03 Not even a nugget! Complete Acta Non Verba on normal 15G Bronze
Bca04 Where are they going so fast? Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on hard 25G Bronze
Bca05 You and what army? Complete Crossing Over on normal 15G Bronze
Bca06 Say goodbye to the gold! Complete 'Crossing Over' on hard 25G Bronze
Bca07 He might come in handy Complete Par for the Course on normal 15G Bronze
Bca08 Cart Wheels Complete 'Par for the Course' on hard 25G Bronze
Bca09 Hold on! Complete Air Force One on normal 15G Bronze
Bca10 Russia? Complete 'Air Force One' on hard 25G Bronze
Bca11 Let's take that boat Complete Crash and Grab on normal 15G Bronze
Bca12 Capitalist pigs, very nice Complete 'Crash and Grab' on hard 25G Silver
Bca13 You found it you keep it Find 5 unique collectibles 15G Bronze
Bca14 Half way thru Find half of all collectibles 20G Bronze
Bca15 Staying Alive Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty) 15G Bronze
Bca16 Killer on the loose Kill 25 enemies 25G Silver
Bca17 Sir, yes sir! Complete Ghost Town on normal 30G Silver
Bca18 Here is your DD-214 Complete 'Ghost Town' on hard 30G Gold
Bca19 Death From Above Kill 25 enemies in a helicopter 20G Bronze
Bca20 Home Wrecker Destroy 200 walls 15G Bronze
Bca21 The Hypochondriac Use Auto Injector 50 times 20G Bronze
Bca22 Manic Lumberjack Knock down a small forest 15G Bronze
Bca23 The Anti-Mechanic Destroy 50 enemy vehicles (containing enemy AI) 20G Bronze
Bca24 Been There, Drove That! Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat) 20G Bronze
Bca25 One In a Million Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator 20G Bronze
Bca26 Clean Sweep Find all collectibles 25G Silver
Bca27 I Love Gold! Find one gold bar 10G Bronze
Bca28 Check my grill Find half of the gold bars 20G Bronze
Bca29 Gold Digger Find all gold bars 30G Gold
Bca30 On Top of the World Climb to the highest spot in the game 20G Bronze
Bca31 Get me started (Online) Participate in one online match (Ranked) 15G Bronze
Bca32 Leatherneck (Online) Play 100 online matches 25G Bronze
Bca33 Never used a door (Online) Destroy 1000 walls 15G Bronze
Bca34 Forest Ranger (Online) Knock down 1000 trees 15G Bronze
Bca35 With My Devil Dogs (Online) Use squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round 15G Bronze
Bca36 There is no I in squad (Online) Have 20 squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round 15G Bronze
Bca37 Dog Owner! (Online) Collect 5 unique dog tags 20G Bronze
Bca38 Get the Dog! (Online) Collect 50 unique dog tags 20G Bronze
Bca39 Be the Best (Online) Place #1 in a ranked match 20G Bronze
Bca40 Vehikill (Online) Get at least one kill in every vehicle 20G Bronze
Bca41 Specialist (Online) Reach Rank 3 15G Bronze
Bca42 Master Sergeant (Online) Reach Rank 8 15G Bronze
Bca43 Colonel (Online) Reach Rank 20 25G Bronze
Bca44 General of the Army (Online) Reach Rank 25 35G Gold
Bca45 Drive By (Online) 100 kills using vehicle 25G Bronze
Bca46 Catch the 'Bad' moment (Online) Take 3 pictures using the image system 15G Bronze
Bca47 Darwin's Parachute (Online) Glide in the parachute for 3 seconds 10G Bronze
Bca48 I am Bad Company! (Online) Achieve all the awards 25G Bronze
Bca49 Ooh Rah (Online) Achieve half of all awards 20G Bronze
Bca50 Beans Bullets Bandages (Online) Get 10002 kills 30G Silver


  • "DD-214" in "Here is your DD-214" refers to DD Form 214, a United States Department of Defense document issued when a military personnel is retired, removed, or discharged from active duty.